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Antibacterial & Preservatives

  •  IPMP(3-Methyl-4-Isopropylphenol)


  • Product description: 3-Methyl-4-Isopropylphenol CAS NO: 3228-02-2


CAS NO: 3228-02-2

Molecular Weight: 150.22

Molecular FormulaC10H14O

Structural Formula:




White or almost white crystals, having almost no odor


(1)Triturate sample with an equal amount of camphor:the mixture liqufies.

(2)Dissolve a small sample in 1ml of glacial acetic acid,add 6 drops of sulfuric acid and 1 drop of nitric acid:a red-brown color develops.

(3)To 1g sample, add 5ml of a solution of sodium hydroxide(110),and heat on a water bath:a colorless or light yellow liquid is obtained.To this liquid add 2 to 3 drops of chloroform,while warm,and shake:a yellow-green color develops.

(4)The sample solution exhibits a maximum absorbance at the wavelength at 279±2 nm.

Melting point



(1)Clarity of solution dissolve 3.0g sample in 10ml of ethanol:the solution is clear.

(2)Organic impurities:TLC

(3)Hevay metal(Pb):≤20ppm


Assay by HPLC




It can be used as antiseptic,anti-bacterial,acne,stabilizer for facial cleaner,face cream, lipstick,eye   shadow,toothpaste,body shower,hair care products etc.


It can be used to inhibit dermatoses caused by bacteria or fungi, oral disinfection and anal disinfection.


It can be used for external sterilizers or disinfectants (including hand disinfectants), oral disinfectants, hair tonics, tender medicines, toothpastes, etc

Industrial applications:

It can be used for air conditioning and room disinfection, fabric antibacterial and deodorant processing, various antibacterial and anti-fungal treatments and other disinfection.

1. Indoor disinfectants: The spraying of 0.1-1% solution on the ground and walls can effectively disinfect the target microorganisms by diluting the prepared emulsion or isopropyl alcohol solution to an appropriate concentration.

2. Can be used to disinfect clothing, interior decoration and furniture, etc.: Treating woven clothes, bedding, carpets and curtains by spraying or dipping can provide excellent antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

Packing: 25kg/drum


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